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Honors Think Tank Proposal Forms
Honors will next call for Think Tank Proposals in 2022.

Thank you for your interest in team-teaching an interdisciplinary Honors Think Tank. Applications must come from pairs of faculty, each of whom takes primary responsibility for students registered under one disciplinary section of the course. All Think Tanks will cross-list two of the following three course numbers/depth areas: HONR 3010 (DSC: Life and Physical Sciences), HONR 3020 (DHA: Humanities and Creative Arts), and HONR 3030 (DSS: Social Sciences). In addition, most will meet either CI (Communications Intensive) or QI (Quantitative Intensive) “Citizen Scholar” requirements.

 Proposals must include two parts:

  • A physical or scanned information form, complete with all faculty and department head signatures
  • A 10-12 page proposal packet that includes brief pedagogical resumes for both faculty members, a concept description outlining how the course engages students and meets General Education Depth and Honors Program requirements, and a brief draft syllabus