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Honors Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Walker (Interior Design, 2007)


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red and gray decorated dining room wide shot
A dining room designed by Walker's company, Nuance Interiors.


"Being in Honors put me with other driven people and gave me the opportunity for additional mentoring. It enabled me to create a portfolio piece with my own parameters that I later used to launch my career in a Fortune 500 company."

Sarah Walker graduated from Utah State University and the Honors Program in 2007 with a major in interior design. She currently owns and runs her own company, Nuance Interiors ( in Bellevue, WA.

Walker says her Honors capstone helped her find her passion in her field while she was still in college and jump-start her career. She appreciated the mentoring opportunities in Honors and said she was able to set higher academic standards for herself due to being surrounded by honors peers. 

"I knew my future employers and clients would reward the effort to be a cut above," she said, "It has paid off to where I have my own successful design business in the field I pursued with my capstone project, and I still benefit from the drive I cultivated in the USU Honors Program.