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Share Your Achievements and Milestones With Honors

Share good news with Honors! We invite Honors students, faculty, and alumni to submit their own (and/or their students’) recent professional news below.

Such accomplishments might include …

• Landing an internship, job, or promotion
• Gaining admission to or completing a graduate or professional program
• Winning a scholarship, award, or grant
• Presenting, publishing, or receiving recognition for original research or creative work
• Excelling academically or professionally in some other way

Honors wants to recognize and feature (on our homepage, in our newsfeed, and on social media) the accomplishments of our outstanding students, faculty, and alumni. Help us do so by sharing your good news!

Please indicate whether you're making a submission on behalf of yourself or one of your students
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Please provide contact information if you are submitting on someone else's behalf.

Please use the remainder of this form to share your achievement. If you are submitting on someone else's behalf, please be sure you have their permission. If you are an honors alum, please include your graduation year in your submission below.

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 Please contact or 435.797.2715 with any questions or comments.