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Propose an Honors Book Lab

Please use the form below to propose a Book Lab for an upcoming term. 

• Faculty may propose a book on any topic to discuss with 4-5 interested Honors students. The book might be a recent prizewinner or a topical bestseller, a local gem or an international classic, a work of fact or fiction, in or outside the faculty member’s area of expertise.

• Honors purchases all books for faculty and students and schedules with faculty a recurring one-hour meeting time, once a week in weeks 2-5 of each term (January, May, or September).

• Faculty lead discussions but do not evaluate any work: each lab counts as mentoring an Honors contract.

• Discussions should introduce students to new ideas through cross-disciplinary conversation, encourage critical thinking, and engage students with the community, all key parts of an Honors education.

• Students submit a post-lab written reflection to Honors for assessment of learning outcomes and earn one Honors point for successful lab completion.

Submit Your Proposal Here:

Please list or link, if possible, the specific edition or translation you prefer.

With an audience of students in mind, please briefly describe your proposed Honors Book Lab selection. Why did you choose this book, and what do you think students will find particularly compelling about the discussion? (NOTE: We will use these descriptions to attract students to selected Book Labs; please be aware that we need at least four interested students to run a lab.)

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