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Helen B. and Lawrence O. Cannon Awards

Due February 1st — two awards of $1,000 each

Initiated in 2004 and 2007, respectively, the Helen B. and Lawrence O. Cannon Awards are tributes to two superb teachers and mentors, with awards made possible through the generosity of their family and friends.

One award will go to a student in the humanities, arts, social sciences, business or education. A second scholarship will be awarded to a student in science, math, engineering, or technology; the selection committee will determine into which category to place applicants.

The merit-based Cannon awards support Honors students with distinguished records who demonstrate exceptional promise for future success.

Criteria include:
  • Junior year in student's major;
  • Overall academic merit including GPA, honors, and/or awards;
  • Likelihood the student will complete a capstone project and graduate with Honors;
  • Evidence of significant original work, such as exhibited art work, publicly presented research, or published essays;
  • Coherent future plans to help make the world a better place. This positive impact might happen through further study/research in the discipline, public service employment, law/medicine in the public interest, or advancement of beneficial technology.

Applications are due Febraury 1, 2018.