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Deadlines and Timeline for Spring Graduates:

Spring and Summer Terms BEFORE Final Year (End of Junior Year)

Enroll (or have previously enrolled) in HONR 3900 by spring of junior year. This one-credit class is complete only once a student submits an honors capstone proposal. Work with mentor to begin project research, including literature review, laboratory work, creative planning, fieldwork, and/or primary source reading.

Fall Term Senior (Final) Year

  1. Spring graduates must secure final approval of their capstone proposals from the University Honors Program by the end of the second week of fall term senior year; most students secure approval before this deadline.
  2. By the second week of fall term, each student should also have met with his or her committee to finalize a detailed work plan, including firm due dates for each draft of the project and for the public presentation or defense, which must be completed and documented by the last day of classes. Sample work plans are available from the University Honors Program office.
  3. Complete an honors graduation audit with University Honors Program Advisor by the third week of fall term.
  4. Complete any required non-honors capstone course in the major.
  5. The University Honors Program requires several drafts to the mentor plus a final mentor-approved draft to all committee members. Typically, only the primary faculty mentor reads the preliminary drafts, but students are responsible for giving other members of the committee regular progress reports: include these report dates in the work plan. Students should collaborate with their mentors to set up reasonable deadlines for each draft of the project.

Spring Term Senior (Final) Year

  1. Successful students continue to submit drafts and meet regularly with committee members according to the work plan.
  2. After revising with the faculty mentor, students submit a polished final draft to their committees at least one week before the last day of classes. This date allows time for faculty to review the project before a defense (must be completed by the last day of classes) and for students to complete required revisions before the final University Honors Program deadline (one week after the last day of classes). Students should remember that the revisions required by mentors and committees are not optional. All honors students must work with their mentors to craft a high quality final project in which both mentor and student take pride. Students will earn honors credit for their capstone projects only if their mentors and committees believe that the final product is carefully crafted, thoughtfully revised, and professionally presented. Students who do not complete all requested revisions to final projects by the deadline will be ineligible to graduate with honors. It is the student’s responsibility to edit and proofread; help is available from the University Honors Program Writing Tutor(s).
  3. March/April: Spring graduates may choose to present their work publicly in the USU Student Research Symposium during Research Week. Abstracts are generally due in March for the April event. Contact the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for more information.
  4. April: All final drafts to committees are due one week before the end of classes; defenses or public presentations must be held and documented by the last day of classes. Attend University Honors Program medallion ceremony and graduation celebration. At the medallion ceremony, students receive honors medallions to be worn at graduation and a certificate of honors achievement; the celebration is a party for all honors graduates. December graduates are invited to attend both events in the spring following their graduation.
  5. May: All final, revised copies of capstone projects are due to the Honors Program office one week after the last day of classes. The final copy must be carefully proofread and formatted, including the signed University Honors cover page, the Capstone Oral Presentation Verification form, and the Electronic Capstone Approval form (forms can be found here). All capstone projects are bound and digitized so that they can become a permanent part of the University Honors Program library and Digital Commons.

Download the full Honors Capstone Handbook here.