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What is Honors?

The University Honors Program is home to USU students brave enough to take Horace’s ancient challenge: Sapere Aude—or Dare to Know. Honors creates a community of dynamic, ambitious, creative students who want not simply to earn a degree at USU but also to create a life-changing experience for themselves. Honors students all learn to integrate these four key parts of a well-rounded education: critical thinking, independent research, interdisciplinary learning, and civic engagement. Our students want to—and will—change the world.

Why Honors?

The Honors Program helps students to create this complete educational experience by offering many benefits, including...

Honors students enjoy professional and peer advising, as well as registration benefits:

  • Personalized academic and career advising with the Honors Program advisor, program coordinator, and peer advisors
  • Designated honors faculty advisors in each department
  • Early priority registration

Honors students are eligible for generous financial support:

  • Honors research funding for well-defined projects, conference travel, and/or materials
  • Honors study abroad funding for international study and/or extended international service projects
  • Honors scholarships for academic and housing costs

Honors enhances the classroom experience:

  • Honors Experience and Think Tank seminars (USU General Education classes that collaborate on real-world problems)
  • "Honors in practice" points for academic projects outside the classroom (research, creative work, study abroad, internships, and service)
  • Capstone projects to showcase each student's research and creative skills to future employers or graduate programs

Honors students join a vibrant community of students and faculty:

  • Regular faculty-student socials to practice networking and to develop connections across disciplines
  • Campus calender and weekly updates about upcoming events on campus 
  • Honors House in the Living and Learning Community (LLC) next to the honors office, lounge, and classroom  

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