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 What is Honors?

What is Honors? 

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Honors Student Experiences


Honors alum Grant Holyoak recently accepted a position as a political analyst for the U.S. Government Accountability Office, which researches existing and proposed policy and provides data on the public impact. His work in Honors and as an Undergraduate Research Fellow helped prepare him: “I felt very confident asserting that I was applying as an experienced, qualified researcher. It’s all paying off!”

Natalie Homan

Because of my contracts and thesis, I discovered what I'm passionate about and decided what career path I wanted to pursue.

Natalie Homan


Honors challenged me and helped me to work harder in my education. The Honors Capstone prepared me for graduate work better than anything else in my schooling.

John Kidd

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Latinx Creative Society Panel
"As a mentor, my goal is to teach undergraduate Latinx students to embrace their cultural heritage and to … become aware of the issues affecting the Latinx community." - Dr. Crescencio López, honors mentor.

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