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New University Honors Director

Kris MillerOn May 15, the University Honors Program welcomed its new director, Dr. Kristine Miller.  Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor of English who has been teaching and researching at Utah State for 18 years.  Dr. Miller is excited to work with the Honors students, faculty, and administrators across campus to develop a Program that gives students even more opportunities.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with students and faculty across campus to create an intellectually stimulating community and develop best practices within the Honors Program.  USU offers a multitude of opportunities for undergraduates to excel academically, and I want to make sure they are supported in their endeavors.”

Dr. Miller looks forward to placing Honors students at the heart of USU’s dynamic intellectual community through Honors classes, events, and co-curricular activities.  In Honors classes, students will be trained to both wrestle with big global issues and to find practical, creative solutions to real local problems.  Honors will also host events for students to meet faculty and peers from across campus to talk about their research and other interests.

Dr. Miller believes the work Honors students do puts them at the center of USU’s educational mission, and she plans to expand the Program’s impact on campus as well as beyond the University.  She is excited to encourage Honors students to become more engaged in the community through collaborative problem solving and service-learning projects, involve Honors alumni more directly in conversation and partnership with Honors students, and support students as they get involved in their field of study through research, internships, or study abroad.

“I want the Honors Program to embody the strengths of the entire University.”

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