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Advantages of Honors

Customize Your Education- Design projects that you are interested in and work one-on-one with professors in your field.

Priority Registration- Honors students register even before university seniors. You will never have trouble getting into the classes you need!

Post College Plans- Whether you want to go to graduate school, law school, medical school, or on to a distinguished career, Honors will give you an edge and help you to stand out.

Undergraduate Research- Honors encourages and sometimes provides information about undergraduate research opportunities.

Honors House- There is an Honors housing community in the Living/ Learning Community where you can live near students who are also in Honors.

Advising- Honors offers advising for all of the students.

Smaller Class Sizes- Our breadth classes, which fulfill the general education requirements, are capped at 25 students. 

Scholarships and Funding- There are several scholarships and funds available only to Honors Students.

Leadership Opportunities- Honors offers opportunities to get involved with Honors Student Council, Honors Teaching Fellows, various committees, and peer mentoring.

Honors Computer Lab- The library has computer and study facilities reserved for Honors students only.

Additional Print-Outs- Honors puts additional money on your print account on your student ID.

No Run Around- If you are unsure where to get answers to your questions about anything, come see us! We will either answer your question or connect you with who you need to talk to. 

Honors Activities- Meet highly motivated students from different majors at various activities put on by the Honors Student Council. The activities typically involve food!

Free Candy! Just stop by the Office.