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Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis:

What is It?

  • The capstone of the Honors experience;
  • An opportunity to pull together your undergraduate education and research into one final project that reflects your own creativity and contribution to the topic of your undergraduate study;
  • Commonly resembles a scaled-down version of a Masters thesis in your discipline;
  • However, it's not just a research paper. The thesis grows out of your engagement with your topic throughout your undergraduate career.


Why Do a Thesis?

It's an opportunity to:

  • Explore an academic area in which you are passionate;
  • Make a creative contribution in your field;
  • Prepare for performing and reporting research in a Graduate program;
  • Make connections with professors and other professionals in your field.


How to Choose a Topic

You will spend a lot of time and energy on your thesis, so it's important that you choose a topic that will keep you engaged intellectually, as well as one that you think is fun-or at least interesting.

The following are some helpful hints about finding and choosing a topic (these hints come from Colorado State University):

  • One of the best ways to select a thesis topic is to select your advisor first and work with this person on an area related to his/her own research interests.
  • You can start a "topics file" where you keep track of potential areas of interest. Occasionally review your file to see if there are recurrent themes to your interests.
  • For class paper assignments, choose topics that are potential thesis ideas and use them to explore the ideas further.
  • Ask yourself the following questions: What courses have most engaged me? What am I most curious about? What do I enjoy? What academic interests am I most passionate about?
  • Visit with faculty and discuss ideas with them. They have a great deal of experience and knowledge that may help you discover a topic.


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