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Thesis Overview

Thank you for your interest in mentoring a student for his or her Honors Thesis!

Whether you have already agreed or are considering to mentor a student, we hope to outline some general guidelines and expectations for the Honors thesis. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to email the Honors Office or call at 435-797-2715.

A thesis generally reflects 3 credit hours of academic work, and may include library research, a laboratory project, an education project, a business plan, or a creative performance or exhibition. 

Typically, an Honors thesis resembles a scaled-down version of a master's thesis in your discipline, but it is important-and probably obvious- that a thesis is not just a research paper. It is more substantial than a "regular" research paper, and it should reflect the student's own creativity and contribution to the topic, which grows out of his or her engagement with the topic and his or her research. It is also a reflection of his or her ability and willingness to work independently on a project about which he or she is passionate. 

The thesis experience also includes a public presentation- Student Showcase in April each year. Participation in the Showcase is required for spring graduates, and it is highly encouraged for fall graduates who are ready. Students may need some assistance from you in preparing their thesis for presentation. 


  • You will meet with your student regularly to discuss the student's research and review his or her work. 
  • Serve on the student's Honors Thesis Committee. 
  • Sign off on the completed thesis.