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Referring Students

I know a student who should be in Honors, but isn't

If you are working with a student who is creative, enthusiastic about the work and seems to be headed to graduate or professional school, Honors can be a great "leg up" in the graduate school application process.

You might also have a student who is doing extra work outside of class simply because they love it and want to be more involved. This student too is a great candidate for Honors.

The easiest thing to do is to send the student to us, preferably in the first month of the semester. If we meet with them at the beginning of the semester and they successfully complete our application process, we can get that student involved in a contract (perhaps with you?) right away. After the fourth week of the semester, we ask that the student wait before becoming active in Honors, as the work involved in a contract should take place over the entire semester.

When is too late to join Honors?

Although we accept the bulk of our students in their freshmen year at USU, a student may join Honors at any time through their junior year. It is unrealistic to expect a student to complete all the requirement for Honors graduation in less than 3 semesters, and 4 is even more comfortable.

Once a student is sent to our office, we will check their GPA--students must have a 3.5 to join Honors--and ask for a reference from a professor. If you have an exceptional case of a student who, for very good reasons, does not have a 3.5 overall GPA but whom you think should be in Honors, please contact the Honors Director to discuss the individual case. We are willing to make exceptions based on strong professorial recommendations.