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For Honors Faculty

Welcome to the faculty pages of the Honors website. We hope these pages will make our policies and goals clear to the talented and generous faculty who work with our students. We have sections on contracts, on senior theses/projects, and general information about Honors. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to get in touch with us:

Nicholas Morrison, D.M.
Phone: 797-3506
Email: nicholas.morrison@usu.edu

Amber Summers Graham
Program Coordinator
Phone: 797-3790
Email: amber.summers@usu.edu

There are multiple benefits to being involved with Honors. Honors can allow you to:

  • Work with talented, motivated, enthusiastic students
  • Meet in a seminar-like setting with undergraduates
  • Pursue special research topics with Honors students
  • Develop new courses
  • Pursue interdisciplinary studies
  • Experiment with teaching methods

Please use the following links to address your specific questions about the Honors Program.