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Honors Basics

Honors in University Studies

Each semester, Honors offers a number of general education courses and seminars. Students earn the Honors in University Studies portion of their Honors degree by taking 12 credits of these courses, typically during the first two years. Nothing lower than a B grade is accepted in Honors general education courses going towards Honors in University Studies, and my put your status in Honors in jeopardy. Please note that this degree must be completed in conjunction with Departmental Honors; Honors does not offer Honors in University Studies as a Degree.

Departmental Honors

Once Honors students enter upper-division coursework in their majors, they begin Departmental Honors. Unlike Honors in University Studies, where students take classes reserved for Honors students only, Departmental Honors students take the regular upper-division courses required for their major. These students then earn Honors credit in these classes by designing extra projects (contracts) outside the regular coursework for the class. Departmental Honors requires a total of 15 credits. Generally, the final 3 credits is the senior thesis or project. Nothing lower than a B grade is acceptable in courses in which a contract is being completed. 

Most transfer students, as well as students who enter the Honors Program with a significant portion of their general education requirements already met, choose to not complete Honors in University Studies. Instead, they begin directly with Departmental Honors.