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Four Year Plan

The purpose of a 4-year plan is to help students establish a structured framework and timeline that will guide them to completion of an undergraduate degree within a reasonable period of time. A 4-year plan is not designed to be set in stone, but with the initial framework in place, it becomes much easier to make needed changes as they come along.

All incoming Honors first year students are required to complete a 4-year plan and meet with an Honors advisor before they will be allowed Honors Priority Registration access for the spring semester.  Schedule your advising appointment here.

The template, which can be downloaded below, is divided by semester and year.  Keep in mind that some majors require specific courses that are only taught certain semesters and serve as prerequisites to other courses in the major.  You need to carefully plan ahead for these types of courses so you don't get set behind a year or more in your program.

You will need to gather a few things to get started:

The 4-year plan template which can be downloaded here in doc or pdf form
Your major requirement sheet - http://catalog.usu.edu/content.php?catoid=4&navoid=681


Instructions for completing your 4-year plan:

1)  Follow the template provided using your major requirement sheet to map out the classes you need to take for your major in order to meet graduation requirements.  The template consists of two sheets.  The first sheet is specifically for your General Studies and Honors Requirements.

2)  As you prepare your 4-year plan, include the course names next to the requirements they fulfill on the form.  In the Course/AP column on the first sheet of the template, be sure to include any concurrent enrollment and/or AP coursework which satisfies these requirements. For a list of courses and the requirements they satisfy, please visit the University Studies website here.

3)  On the second sheet of your 4-year plan list the classes you are taking as well as the classes you will take in future semesters.  Be sure to copy over all courses from your General Studies and Honors Requirements so that you have a visual of how each semester will play out.  Follow your major requirement sheet carefully to assure that all required classes are listed on your plan.

4)  In the notes section, insert Leave of Absence information and between-semester plans. For instance, if you are planning to take a two-year leave of absence following the Spring 2011 semester, write "Leave of Absence: Fall 2011-Spring 2013" in the notes section of that term. If you do plan to leave for a semester or more, please adjust the semesters and years on your four-year plan accordingly. Also place important events in your program such as "Apply for Secondary Education Program" in this section. If you plan to take any courses during the summer, please list the information in the notes section of the preceding semester. Please include coursework you have already done or are currently doing.

Once you have created your four year plan, you should plan on visiting your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you tailor your plan to your individual needs and interests.  Regardless of which degree you are pursuing, it is wise to establish a close working relationship with your academic advisor throughout your degree program.  This will help you keep academic problems to a minimum.

Don't forget to schedule an appointment with an Honors Advisor to review your 4-year plan.  This can be done using the Advising Scheduler which is linked here but can also be accessed by the navigation link to the right.


Consider using the following websites as resources when creating your 4-year plan:

The Undergraduate Degree Plans page has sample four-year plans for most of the programs on campus.

To find a list of classes that satisfy the University's general education requirements, go the University Studies Website.