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Contract Examples

Below, you'll find exemplary Honors contracts from past semesters, organized by college and department. You may view these and other contracts in the Honors office, Old Main 015.


College of Agriculture 

 Agricultural System Technology

  • Luke Peterson completed soil water data analysis, created an informative poster, and presented a power point presentation in class, Spring 2006. 

Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

  • Karmella Dolecheck wrote a paper, "Use of Bacterial Direct-Fed Microbials to Sustain Healthy Food Production in Beef Cattle," and entered it into the Alltech Young Scientist Competition, Fall 2010.

Bioveterinary Science

  • “Hyperthyroidism in Small Animal Practice”, a research project and presentation regarding thyroid basics, hormone regulation, clinical signs, cellular effects and treatment options for small animals by Amity Peterson, Fall 2007. 

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

  • "Master Plan for Public Art in Logan City" by Matthew Durkovich, Fall 2005.
  • Boyd Reschke completed the first phase of the National Parks Conservation Association "State of the Parks" to protect and enhance America's National Park System, specifically Capitol Reef National Park, Fall 2006.
  • "Challenge and Opportunity: Desert Landscapes, Native Planting in the Mojave Desert" by Jake Powell, Fall 2006.
  • Cameron Bodine used GIS and AutoCAD to research open space change in Cache Valley, Spring 2010.

Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • "The Effect of Lactose Intake on Lung Function in a Patient Diagnosed with Asthma and Lactose Intolerance: A Case Study" by Ginger Bailey, Fall 2005.
  • "Dietary Supplement Use Among the Elderly: Data Collection Critiques, Findings, and Personal Experiences" by Diana Lewis, Fall 2005.
  • "Vitamin E: Could it Pose Adverse Effects if Taken in Excess?" by Hilary Smith, Fall 2005.
  • "The Relationship Between Colorectal Cancer Risk and Nutritional and Lifestyle Factors" by Dawnie Elzinga, Spring 2006.
  • Joanna Bailey wrote a series of annotated bibliographies on nutrition in oral health, Fall 2006.
  • Christine Arnold completed growth charts for the South Davis Community Hospital and worked on created learning materials regarding infant feeding and growth for junior dietetic students. 

Plant Science

  • Eric Beard wrote a research paper on calcium oxalate crystals, which are found in many plant parts, and the theory that they may play a defensive role for plants, Spring 2006.
  • Britney Hunter critiqued ten different landscapes and created an example of a bad landscape design, Spring 2006.
  • Britney Hunter contributed research for a grant proposal on using special tunnels to extend the growing season for agriculturalists in areas where the climate currently limits production to a short period, Fall 2006.
  • Kevin Cope did a full literature review, designed and set up an experiment for developing a stem cutting propogation protocol for Utah juniper, and prepared and submitted an URCO grant proposal for the experiement, Fall 2010.

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College of Engineering 

Biological and Irrigation Engineering

  • Sean Bedingfield conducted and presented his research "Ecological Impact of Algae Present at Bonneville Seabase" at four venues: WRHC, UCUR, USU Student Showcase, and Posters on the Hill, Spring 2010.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • "Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design," an essay on the requirements for building an environmentally friendly building, by Andrew DelPivo, Fall 2005.
  • "The Leaning Tower of Pisa" by Kaitlin Neville, Spring 2006.
  • "Bottled Water vs. Tap Water: A Comparison between the Regulations" by Crystal Viator, Spring 2006.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Darin Nelson wrote several Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs to create dynamic content on the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers student branch website. Darin also installed these programs on the web server, Fall 2006.
  • Jonathan Haws completed an in depth MATLAB study as applied to electro-magnetics. Jonathan also created a website containing examples for every lecture of the semester in his Signals and Circuits course, Fall 2006.
  • Andrew Moss developed a spreadsheet that would estimate the mass of a secondary propulsion system based off of a given DeltaV and other characteristics of the spacecraft. This provided a spacecraft systems engineering tool for future use and as a possible homework assignment for future Spacecraft Systems Engineering classes, Fall 2006.
  • Spencer Jackson created a program to help students visualize the concept of convolution,  Fall 2008.
  • Jake Erramouspe created a Graphical User Interface in MATLAB to aid in teaching the concepts of transfer function in both the time domain and the frequency domain,  Fall 2008.
  • Spencer Jackson conducted and reported on his research on the "SAM Mount and Tracking Project" where he worked on the design of the next generation of SAM instruments which are used to measure optical depth of clouds and forward scattering properties on the sun's halo, Fall 2009.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • Chris Robinson developed a computer program that would resolve millions of experimental data points into usable information, Fall 2006.
  • Benjamin Thatcher built a pneumatic cannon to show pneumatic forces in motion as well as research regarding how math could be approximated by an isothermal expansion, Fall 2007.
  • "An Analysis of Small Solid Rocket Motors", by Sarah Isert, Fall 2008.
  • "Motorcycle Engine Fin Heat Transfer Efficiency", by Jeff Harris, Fall 2008.
  • Larry Wilde did a mathematical analysis of human arm motion, Fall 2009.

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College of Humanities & Social Sciences 


  • "Twelfth Night Lesson Plans" by Kimberly Call, Fall 2005.
  • "Chaucer Unit Outline" by Nicole Hicken, Fall 2005.
  • "Bibliography on Courtship & Marriage Customs in the Middle Ages" by Erin Turner, Fall 2005.
  • "Modern Translation of Medieval and Old English Poetry and Prose," an annotated bibliography by Devin Hepner, Fall 2005.
  • "Sorting Out the Pieces," a piece of creative non-fiction by Chelsi Sutton, Fall 2005.
  • Kim Call completed lesson plans for a thematic teaching plan on poetry, Spring 2006.
  • "Finding a Voice: Silence as a Theme in Racial and Gender Oppression" by Erica Cottam, Spring 2006.
  • Erin Hepner created a thematic teaching unit on three literary genres, Fall 2006.
  • Amber Bowden completed a thematic teaching unit on the idea of home, Fall 2006.
  • Heather Hunsaker designed a production of W. B. Yeats Purgatory with extensive research on the topic, Fall 2006.
  • Brian Cook wrote a paper on the book "Reservation Blues" by Sherman Alexie - "Dental Floss and Condoms: A Look at Alexie's Black Humor," Fall 2009.
  • Brook McNaughton wrote a paper, "From Africa to New Orleans: Langston Hughes' America," Fall 2009.


  • "Environment & Society in the Modern American West," an outline for a course unit by Lafe Conner, Fall 2005.
  • "Flood," a short fictional account of the Teton Dam Disaster by Lafe Conner, Spring 2006.
  • "Samura, Bannermen, and Yangban: A Comparison of East Asian Elite" by Lenaye Howard, Summer 2006.
  • "From Exile to Eden: Changing Attitudes Towards the Southern Utah Landscape" by Erica Cottam, Fall 2006.
  • "Buddhism behind Barbed Wire: An Analysis of Japanese-American Buddhist Practice in the WWII Internment Camps" by Shelley Johnson, Fall 2008.
  • Brooke McNaughton did extra readings on environmental history in the American West, Fall 2009.

Journalism & Communication

  • Nathan Laursen did a research paper on The First Amendment and the Internet,  Fall 2008. 


  • James L. Buie wrote a Kafkaesque creative short story. German 4650, Fall 2008.
  • Christen Allen completed a research paper looking at language exchange and word borrowing between Arabic and French in Northern African Maghreb countries and France, Fall 2008.
  • Muriel McGregor wrote a paper, "Kiffe Kiffe Demain: Finding Identity as an Immigrant's Daughter in a Benlieue of Paris," Spring 2009. 

Political Science

  • "Opposition to USU.12 Restoration of Federalism and Local Control" by Erin Cottle, Spring 2006.
  • James Winings created an annotated bibliography on why the 17th amendment played a significant role in the expansion of Federal power in the United States, Fall 2006.
  • Kendal Schneiter did research on the Turkish accession to the European Union,  Fall 2007.
  • Dione Garlick wrote a paper on the US Supreme Court and the relationship between Justices and the media, Fall 2009.
  • Marc Neilsen created an annotated bibliography and wrote a paper on "The Role of Culture in a Successful Counterinsurgency," Spring 2009.

Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology

  • "Preventing & Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Military" by Brandi Harline, Fall 2005.
  • Mary-Marie Austin wrote an annotated bibliography on sleep patterns and obesity in college-aged students, Spring 2006.
  • Danielle Babbel acted as team leader for field group participants while in Peru, Summer 2006.
  • James Young created a portfolio of Non-Governmental Organizations working in development, and did a review of The Road to Hell: the Ravaging Effects of Foreign Aid and International Charity, Fall 2006.
  • “Child Illness: How Ethnotheories and Cultural Models of Adults Shape Modern Health Care of Children”, by Ryan Jackman, Fall 2007.
  • "The Effect of Prayer on Health", by Jylisa Doney, Fall 2008.
  • "Getting the Nuts and Seeds of Archaeology into Focus", by Melissa Jackson, Fall 2008.
  • "Massacre at Mountain Meadows Book: Observations and Review", by Thomas Evans, Fall 2008.
  • Rachel Jaggi wrote a paper, "Rather Laugh than Cry: Analyzing the Role of Humor in the Gay Community at USU," Fall 2009.

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Caine College of the Arts


  • "Cupid & Psyche," a creative work by Amanda Nilson, Fall 2005.
  • "Spiritual Philosophies in Fifteenth Century Flemish Religious Art" by Courtney Hill, Fall 2006.
  • "Michelangelo's Ceiling: A Creative Process Perspective" by Amanda Monson, Fall 2006.
  • Jennifer Alvord created a logo and stationary package,  Fall 2008.

Interior Design

  • Holly Murdock created a research binder on applying sustainable environmental design to health care design, Fall 2005.
  • Holly Murdock designed a kidney dialysis treatment center and presented at a conference for the International Design Association, Spring 2006.
  • Holly Murdock created a learning module to study for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional Exam, Fall 2006.


  • "Exploring Sonata Forms, Composers, & the Creation of Musical Composition" by Mary-Marie Austin, Fall 2005
  • Nyle T. Matsuoka researched the history and theory of musical representations from the 18th to 20th century including Mozart, Liszt, Debussy and Prokofiev. Fall 2007.
  • Catherine Hatch researched and analyzed themes played by the clarinet in the first movement of Mahler's first symphony.  Fall 2008.
  • Leah Whitchurch prepared and performed a sophomore recital as part of her individual vocal instruction. Fall 2008.
  • Marti Bowles and Rebecca Tanner researched, analyzed and performed music by Robert Schumann.
  • Whitney Ecker composed/arranged a piece for flute choir, rehearsed, conducted and talked about the history of the composer, Spring 2009.
  • Marti Bowles put together a literature review on the effects of music therapy in treating autism, Fall 2009.

Theatre Arts

  • Katherine Shakespeare did reading and a bibliography on the character traits of the Phaedra character, consistent throughout all versions of the Greek mythical tradition, Fall 2006

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College of Natural Resources

Environmental Science

  • Sara Hunt created an annotated bibliography of agricultural technologies in Latin America for professionals and students involved in international development.
  • Sara Hunt wrote an analysis of the policy and economics of organic agriculture and sustainability.
  • Jessica Harvey compiled an annotated bibliography on bees as pollinators, Fall 2009.

Watershed Science

  • Jason Carlisle created a GIS project and document of methods for presentation at a professional meeting,  Fall 2008.
  • Jason Carlisle created a database of Mexican Spotted Owl Protected Activity Centers using GIS software and gave a presentation on his work, Spring 2009.

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College of Science


  • Melody Anderson met with her mentor on a weekly to discuss and analyze scientific articles published on ecology topics, Fall 2005.
  • Elise Rasmussen met frequently with her mentor to discuss several scientific articles relating to the class material, Fall 2005.
  • "Independent and Repeated Evolution," a study of genetic or morphological similarities in fruit flies by Melody Anderson, Spring 2006.
  • William Israelsen completed a detailed annotated bibliography on molecular determinants of FI, SI, and proton block in Na+ channels, pH and potassium channels, acidosis / pH change due to ischemia, and the use of the ionophore nigericin to equilibrate internal and external pH, Fall 2006.
  • Michael Whyte designed an original sensory lab for his animal physiology lab course,  Fall 2007.
  • Randy Christopher Bowen created a poster board showing the biochemical pathways of genetic control over microbial metabolism,  Fall 2008.
  • Cody Tramp created a Developmental Biology Report on Virus-Free Induction of Pluripotency,  Spring 2009.
  • Aaron Fronk researched the impact properties of reptile scales, conducted experiments, and reported on his findings, Spring 2010.
  • Maria Goller researched and wrote a paper on "Qualitative Assessment of Bird Distribution and Population Trends of Bird Species on the Utah State University Campus in Logan, Utah," Fall 2010.


  • "Biochemistry of Phosphatases," a paper studying the enzymes used for phosphate monoester hydrolysis and their mechanisms by Rebecca Mitchell, Fall 2005.
  • "Modification and Purification of Human NADPH: Cytochrome P450 Reductase," a study of how P450r simplifies protein purification, by Jonathan Gardner, Spring 2006.
  • Stephanie Ashby researched allelochemicals, which induce biochemical changes in other plants, fungi, and mammals in her essay titled, "Allelopathy," Fall 2006.
  • Lydia Howes did a research project on "Acetone Metabolism in Bacteria," Spring 2009.
  • Christina Hansen did research and wrote a paper on "Surface Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy," Spring 2009.

Computer Science

  • Jeremy Pack developed a fully documented computer program titled, "The Broker," to be used in his mentor's future classes, Fall 2005. 


  • Tamara Jeppson did research on the origins of the San Andreas Fault,  Fall 2007.
  • “Geological Interpretations of Archaeological Site 5GN3418”, by Melissa Jackson, Fall 2007.
  • "A Stratigraphic and Petrographic Anaylsis of the Bloomington Formation, Logan Canyon, Utah", by Lynsie Daley, Fall 2008.

Mathematics & Statistics

  • "Odd Perfect Numbers" by Jeremy Pack, Fall 2005.


  • "Project for optics: Using Code V & Other Resources," a study on how to minimize the spot size of an optical fiber by Heidi Wheelwright & Mitchell Whitely, Fall 2005.
  • Jodie Barker-Tvedtnes did research on Bell's Theorem and how people talk about the "reality" of Quantum Mechanics,  Fall 2008.
  • "Electron Tunneling: Science and Application" by Jennifer A. Roth, Fall 2008.
  • Sydney Chamberlin worked on creating an application for researchers to analyze solutions to the Einstein field equations and perform computations in general relativity.  Her project consisted of 1) A database of exact solutions to the Einstein equations, 2) A graphical-user interface for searching this database, and 3) A package of commands to compute important objects in relativity,  Fall 2008.

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Emma Eccles Jones College of Education 
and Human Services

Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

  • Amy Baxter completed an in-depth study of phonological awareness and wrote an article critique of a particular article addressing this issue by Gail Gillon, Spring 2006.
  • Kristina Morrey studied the anatomy and physiology of vocal chords and vocal chord care and taught a lesson to a fifth-grade class on vocal chord care, Fall 2009.
  • Katherine Pike wrote a research paper and did an in-class presentation on cleft palates, Fall 2009.

Elementary Education

  • "Integration of Social Studies in the Kindergarten Language Arts Standards" by Amanda Gibson, Fall 2005
  • Brooke Sorenson worked on a contract introducing social justice topics into a second grade classroom by addressing them through children's literature. Brooke and her professor then wrote an article on their findings for publication, 2005.
  • Amanda Gibson read Words Their Way and applied the principles of word study to her clinical, Spring 2006.
  • Katie Meyer compiled a teaching unit on fractions consisting of six lesson plans, Fall 2006.
  • Lindsay Niedrich did a literacy project collecting books and money for "Lovejoy's Libros," Fall 2006.
  • "Reciprocal Teaching Lesson Plans for 1st or 2nd Graders" by Brianne Bartlett, Fall 2006.
  • Gentri Seawright recorded herself reading five different ESL books, edited and added background music to each story, all which she compiled on a CD. She also came up with extension activities for each book to be used with the CD,  Spring 2009.
  • Geri Dominquez created a collection of differentiated lesson plans, Spring 2009.
  • Shantelle Ford created and taught a complete writing unit to her fourth grade practicum class, Fall 2009.

Family, Consumer, and Human Development

  • "Why Sex Education?" by Elizabeth Davis, Fall 2006.
  • Aaron Anderson wrote several papers researching the social policies regarding the need for Medicaid coverage of marriage and family therapy services. Aaron also wrote letters to Senator Bob Bennett, Congressman Rob Bishop, and Senator Orrin Hatch urging these legislators to address this issue, Fall 2006.
  • Tasha Falslev researched sexuality in elderly persons and developed a presentation of her findings that she shared with her class, Fall 2006.
  • Adam Galovan researched two approaches to counseling individuals and then integrated the two models into a treatment program for a couple, Fall 2006.
  • Danielle Jensen created a working file for starting a daycare including information about startup costs for buying toys and books, information on government funding, small business loans and licensure,  Fall 2007.
  • Danielle Jensen studied brain development and put together a teaching outline to use in her field for teaching about the subject, Fall 2009.
  • Janae Sirrine wrote a research paper on "Emotional Child Abuse: Current Obstacles in Reporting," Spring 2009.
  • Tasha Falslev wrote a research paper on the anthropology of childhood, "Child Development and Cultural Routines," Fall 2009.

Physical Education

  • Nikelle Hunsaker interviewed athletic trainers and conducted research on the effects of exercise on pregnancy, Spring 2010.


  • "People, Society, and Culture in Japan & the Struggle for the Establishment of a National License for Clinical/Counseling sychologists" by Toshikazu Kuroda, Fall 2005
  • Adam Kynaston developed a working reference list and several article summaries in preparation of an URCO proposal for a social psychology experiment. Adam also participated in his mentor's research study by running data collection sessions and entering data. He will continue his work next semester to complete and submit the URCO proposal, Fall 2005.
  • "Psychobiological Effects of Child Sexual Abuse In the Context of Classical Conditioning" by Toshikazu Kuroda, Spring 2006.
  • "Rogerian Principles and Conservatism," a study and presentation on a personality theory, by Laura Pruitt, Spring 2006.
  • "Marriage & Family Therapy vs. School Counseling" by Alicia Kimball, Fall 2006.
  • "Psychometric Properties of Three Measures of Occupational Stress" by Tristan Nelson, Fall 2008.
  • Victoria Vanuiter presented her research on autism, early intervention, and the physiology/behaviors associated with it, Spring 2009.
  • Joseph Sherwood did a literature review and worked on his IRB submission for a research project, Fall 2009.
  • Jordan Staub trained, interviewed, and coded for his instructor's research project on eating disorders, Fall 2009.

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John M. Huntsman School of Business 


  • Ben Berrett researched how companies can manipulate stock-option prices by granting stock on a day when the price is unusually low, Fall 2006

Business Administration

  • John Sielatycki did an analysis and evaluation of a medical supply firm located in SLC, Utah, Fall 2005.
  • McKenzie Anderson compiled forms required for beginning research, creation of surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and an analysis of each, Spring 2006.
  • "Packaging Can be Deceiving: A Look at Claims Made on Food Labels" by Andrea Busby, Fall 2006.
  • Josh Kerkmann created an emergency evacuation plan for the Cache County Administration Office Building and Historic Court House,  Fall 2008.
  • Vikki Ballard wrote a research paper on "Cultural Concepts that Affect Supply Chains in China," Fall 2009.


  • "Empirical Estimates of Engel's Law: A Cross-Country Comparison and Time Series Approach" by Michael Bailey, Fall 2005
  • "Microloans: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Development" by Darcy Stewart, Fall 2008. 

Human resources

  • Ashley Calder job shadowed and interviewed HR professionals from five different companies/institutions.

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