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  Departmental Honors Advisors:
  Logan Main Campus
  Dr. Kim Sullivan
  BNR 313, ext. 73713
  Email: yejunco@biology.usu.edu

  Uintah Basin Campus:
  Lianna Etchberger
  (435) 722-1783
  Email: lianna.etchgerger@usu.edu


Eligibility for Acceptance:
Qualified students will have cumulative GPAs of at least 3.50 and a 3.50 GPA in all Biology Department courses and will have declared a major in the department.

Program of Study:
The 15-credit requirement for Honors in Biology is met by successfully completing contracts in the following courses:

  • 9 credits in upper-division Biology Department courses
  • 3 credits must be taken under Undergraduate Research (Biol 5800H)*
  • 3 credits must be taken under Bachelors Thesis (Biol 5810H)**

Nothing lower than a B grade is acceptable in courses in which an Honors contract is being completed
Students who fail to complete a contract, once entered into with a faculty member, will be place on academic probation for one semester.

* These three credits may count toward the upper-division elective total for the BA or BS degree emphases in Biology. Students should use an Honors contract as a papertrail to get Honors credit for Biol 5800.

**A written thesis is done under the supervision of two faculty members. One shall serve as thesis advisor. A second faculty member will act as a committee member and must also approve the thesis. At least one of the faculty must belong to the Biology Department. The committee must be approved by the Biology Honors advisor.

Suggested Coursework in the Department:

BIOL 4750 (H) and/or any Biology coursework (Biology) numbered 3000 or above.

Requirements for Completion of Degree:
The successful candidate will graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and a GPA of 3.5 in upper-division major requirements and Honors coursework and will complete and present in a public forum an Honors thesis/project. Many students have found it helpful to relate the courses taken on Honors contract to the final thesis/project.