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College of Natural Resources

The College of Natural Resources has a unified Departmental Honors Plan applicable to all degree programs in the College; note, however, that the Honors degrees are awarded by the individual Departments, not the College.

CNR Honors Program Coordinator:
Helga Van Miegroet
BNR 157, ext. 73175
Email: helga.vanmiegroet@usu.edu

  Departmental Honors Advisors:

  Watershed Sciences:
  Wayne Wurtsbaugh, BNR 106, ext. 72584
  Email: wayne.wurtsbaugh@usu.edu

  Wildland Resources:
  Gene Schupp, NR 330, ext. 72475
  Email: eugene.schupp@usu.edu

  Environment and Society:
  Claudia Radel, NR 232, ext. 70516
  Email: claudia.radel@usu.edu


Eligibility for Acceptance:
Qualified students will have cumulative GPAs of at least 3.30 and will have declared a major in the College of Natural Resources.

Program of Study:
The 15-credit requirement for Departmental Honors in the College of Natural Resources is met by successfully completing the following requirements:

9 credits within your major area of specialization, completed under a contract with the professors.

At least 6 of these credits should come from the list below. The remaining 3 credits may be completed by contract in an upper-division course from the list below OR from a course in your area of specialization that is not listed.

- ENVS 3010 - Fundamental of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy (3 credits, F)
- ENVS 4000 - Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management (3 credits, F)
- GEOG 4100 - Geographic Approaches to the Human-Environment Relationship (3credits, Sp)
- WATS 3700 - Fundamentals of Watershed Science (3 credits, Sp)
- WATS 4490 - Small Watershed Hydrology (4 credits, Sp)
- WATS 4500 - Limnology: Ecology of Inland Waters (3 credits, Sp)
- WATS 4930 - Geographic Information Systems (4 credits, Sp)
- WILD 3610 - Wildland Animal Ecology and Identification (4 credits, F)
- WILD 3800 - Wildland Ecosystems (3 credits, Spring , beginning Sp 2013)
- WILD 3810 - Plant and Animal Populations (3 credits, Sp)
- WILD 4880 - Genetics in Conservation and Management (3 credits, Sp)
- WILD 4500 - Principles of Wildlife Management (3 credits, Sp)
- WILD 4600 - Conservation Biology (3 credits, Sp)
- WILD 5350 - Wildland Soils (3 credits, Sp)

3 credits outside major requirements, completed in one of the following ways:

  • An upper-division course from a related discipline, but outside your major or departmental requirements, completed under contract, in order to enhance breadth of knowledge.
  • A graduate-level course in your major or area of specialization in order to enhance depth.
  • A seminar offering an integrative experience, or a CNR Honors Special Topics Seminar.


3 Credits of Undergraduate Research under your departmental prefix (e.g. ENVS/WATS/WILD 4970). This is for work associated with developing and conducting your Honors Thesis.

Public presentation of your Thesis/Project, either orally or in poster format.

Requirements for completion of degree:
The successful candidate will graduate with a cumulative University GPA of 3.3 with a GPA of 3.5 in all Honors and all College of Natural Resources courses. Many students have found it helpful to relate the courses taken on Honors contract to the final thesis/project.

*Nothing lower than a B grade is acceptable in courses in which an Honors contract is being completed.
**Students who fail to complete a contract, once entered into with a faculty member, will be placed on academic probation for one semester.