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Past Last Lectures

42nd Annual - 2017
Dr. Brian McCuskey, English - "Alice vs. Sherlock: Who Knows Best?"
View a video recording of Dr. McCuskey's Last Lecture

41st Annual - 2016
Dr. Cathy Bullock, Journalism and Communication - "Rock the Vote: Putting the Communication Revolution to Work"
View a video recording of Dr. Bullock's Last Lecture.

40th Annual - 2015

Dr. Fee Busby, Wildland Resources - "Make a Difference: It's Our Only Hope"
View a video recording of Dr. Busby's Last Lecture.

39th Annual - 2014
Dr. Nat B. Frazer, Environment and Society - "Teaching Fast and Slow: What Have We Done For You Lately?"
View a video recording of Dr. Frazer's Last Lecture.

38th Annual - 2013
Dr. Phebe Jensen, English - "I'll Drown My Book: Shakespeare's Last Lecture"
View a video recording of Dr. Jensen's Last Lecture.

37th Annual - 2012
Dr. John C. Allen, Sociology - "The Role of Community in a Civil Society"
Listen to a podcast of Dr. Allen's Last Lecture.

36th Annual - 2011
Dr. Joyce Kinkead, English - "Standing on Boo Radley's Porch: The Importance of Story"
Watch a video and read an article about Dr. Kinkead's Last Lecture.

35th Annual - 2010
Dr. Charles Swenson, Engineering -"We Choose to Go to the Moon"
View a video recording of Dr. Swenson's Last Lecture.

34th Annual - 2009
Dr. Ann Berghout Austin, Family, Consumer, and Human Development - "Children: My Least Common Denominator"
View a video recording of Dr. Austin's Last Lecture.

33rd Annual - 2008
Dr. David Peak, Physics - "Complexity and the New Academy: They Put My Office Where?"

32nd Annual - 2007
Dr. Patricia Gantt, English - "Waiting for the World to Change: Reflections of an Aging Hippie"

31st Annual - 2006
Dr. Mark Damen, Theatre Arts/History - "'Look There! Look There!': What's the Past Imperative?"

30th Annual - 2005
Dr. James P. Evans, Geology - "Utah 2050: Oil, Milk, and Water in a Land of Plenty (of People)"

29th Annual - 2004
Dr. William L. Furlong, Political Science - "Academic Freedom & Political Correctness: Teaching Controversial Topics Constructively"

28th Annual - 2003
Dr. Randy T. Simmons, Political Science - "The Tyranny of Good Intentions"

27th Annual - 2002
Dr. Tom Peterson, Interior Design - "If It Speaks to You, Listen; If It is Mute, Move On"

26th Annual - 2001
Dr. Craig W. Johnson, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning - "A Tale of Two Communities: Managing the Ordeal of Change in the Intermountain West"

25th Annual - 2000
Dr. Anne J. Anderson, Biology - "Research: Both Crystal Ball Gazing and Detective Skill"

24th Annual - 1999
Dr. Carol O'Connor, History - "Freedom Crashed Down on Me"

23rd Annual - 1998
Last Lecture was not held this year

22nd Annual - 1997
Dr. Ken Brewer, English - "The Beautiful Changes: Poetry at the End of the Century"

21st Annual - 1996
Dr. Norman Jones, History - "Evil and the History of Virtue"

20th Annual - 1995
Dr. David Lancy, Anthropology - "Succor the Children"

19th Annual - 1994
Dr. Joseph Morse, Chemistry - "Life is a Growth Curve...(?)! It's Chemistry!"

18th Annual - 1993
Dr. Richard Sherlock, Philosophy - "The Three Journeys of Humankind"

17th Annual - 1992
Dr. Chuck Johnson, Philosophy - "The Gong"

16th Annual - 1991
Dr. Jim MacMahon, Biology - "What I Was Hired To Do Is Not Part of My Job"

15th Annual - 1990
Dr. Larry Cannon, Math - "Who Grades the Graders?"

14th Annual - 1989
Dr. Charles Lutz, Business Information Systems - "Education: The Last Odyssey"

13th Annual - 1988
Dr. Howard Carlisle, Business Administration - "America's Leadership Crisis"

12th Annual - 1987
Dr. Ross Allen, Secondary Education - "U.S. Education: Committing Hara-Kiri?"

11th Annual - 1986
Dr. Richard B. Powers, Psychology - "Alternatives to the Lecture"

10th Annual - 1985
Dr. James J. Kennedy, Forest Resources - "Staying a Student of Trees and People as Your Hair Turns Gray"

9th Annual - 1984
Dr. Kenneth C. Farrer, Secondary Education - "Beyond Basic Mastery to Something More"

8th Annual - 1983
Dr. T.Y. Booth, English - "Humanism"

7th Annual - 1982
Dr. W. Farrell Edwards, Physics - "To Honor the Individual"

6th Annual - 1981
Dr. Warren Burton, Music - "Straight Shooters Always Win"

5th Annual - 1980
Dr. J. Clair Batty, Mechanical Engineering - "On Agonies and Ecstasies of Academic Acclimation"

4th Annual - 1979
Dr. M. Judd Harmon, Political Science - "A Few Options"

3rd Annual - 1978
Dr. Irving Wassermann, Music - "Making Music and Musicians"

2nd Annual - 1977
Dr. F. Ross Peterson, History - "No Exit: The Contemporary Search for Historical Reality"

1st Annual - 1976
Dr. Garth Lee, Chemistry - "Ideas on Teaching"