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Honors Undergraduate Teaching Fellow Application

Each spring, the University Honors Program selects a group of outstanding students to serve as Honors Undergraduate Teaching Fellows for the following year.  Honors UTFs must be Honors students in good standing, on track to graduate with Honors.  All Honors UTFs receive $800 at the end of the fellowship semester; they may elect to earn academic credit for their work by enrolling in HONR 4700 (.5 credit).

Responsibilities of all Honors Undergraduate Teaching Fellows:

• Serve as a peer mentor and teaching assistant in one section of Honors Connections during Connections week (the week prior to Fall semester).  The Honors Fellow will mentor students in their initial transition to USU and fulfill duties as requested by the Connections instructor.

• Work as a teaching assistant and peer mentor in an Honors Introductory Seminar in Fall or Spring semester.  Ideally, the Honors Undergraduate Teaching Fellow will have taken the class to which he or she is assigned and will perhaps be majoring in the general subject area.  Honors UTFs are expected to attend the classes to which they are assigned, and they will keep the appropriate time slot open in their schedule.  Once assigned to an Honors course, the Honors UTF will communicate with the course instructor to clarify specific duties.  These duties may include taking attendance, organizing study groups, grading and recording (in a clearly defined, limited way), showing films, planning class activities, and leading discussions.

• Represent the University Honors Program at various events throughout the year, including Day on the Quad, Preview Day, Major Fair, Scholars Day, and recruiting open houses.

• Nominate an eligible professor for the annual Last Lecture, and encourage other Honors students to submit nominations.

• Act as an ambassador for the University Honors Program at all times.

How to Apply:

Applications consist of a letter of application, an unofficial transcript, and a confidential faculty recommendation.  The letter of application should describe the applicant’s past and present achievements in the USU Honors Program, focusing specifically on awards, scholarships, or grants; teaching or tutoring experience; and research projects or publications; the letter should also clearly explain the student’s path toward graduation with Honors, including capstone and coursework plans.  Applicants may be asked to participate in an interview as part of the selection process.

Please ask your faculty recommender to send your letter of recommendation to the University Honors Program via email (honors@usu.edu) or campus mail (0400 Old Main Hill).

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Please attach your letter of application as a .pdf or .doc