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Meet the Honors Student Council

The USU Honors Student Council consists of a President, Vice President, Service Chair and committee, First-Year Experience Chair and committee, and a small group of elected HSC officers. All honors students are welcome to join the HSC and to become active members at any time.

photo of Kandice

HSC President

Kandice Olsen

Kandice is majoring in Psychology and plans to pursue a Master's degree in School Psychology. She is currently working on her honors capstone project, which looks at the effects of tiered parenting programs on child behavior and parenting styles.

kandice olson photo
HSC Vice President

Tatyanna Johnson

Tya is a senior studying History and Psychology and plans to attend law school after finishing her undergraduate work at Utah State.  She hopes to pursue either International or Health Care Law.


HSC Service Committee Chair

This chair and committee work to increase student engagement with annual honors service events, including food drives, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and any other service projects chosen by the HSC and the honors student body.

Kara photo

Kara Swenson

Kara is majoring in Biochemistry with a pre-med emphasis. She works in Dr. Vargis's Biological Engineering lab, assisting with research on age-related macular degeneration. She is also the peer advisor for the Chemistry/Biochemistry Department, and enjoys volunteering with hospice and at a local fair-trade store.


HSC First-Year Experience Committee Chair

This chair and committee organize the Honors Peer Mentor program and serve as peer mentors, host the opening welcome social, and hold other events (such as registration parties) throughout the year. They also consult regularly with first-year student representatives to ensure that Honors is meeting their needs and understanding their concerns. 

chandler whitlock photo

Chandler Whitlock

Chandler is double-majoring in Health Science and Psychology and is interested in pursuing a degree in clinical psychology. This year, he will work as a student coordinator for the Student Orientation Office, a Supplemental Instructor (SI) tutor for PSY 1010, and a Reach Peer for the USU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office.


Honors Student Council Officers

HSC Officers attend HSC meetings and assist the President and Vice President in program planning and implementation. First-year students are eligible to apply for council positions, and council officers can serve as chairs of various ad-hoc committees formed by the HSC President.

HSC officer duties include:

  • Attending brief monthly meetings with University Honors Program staff to discuss the program and its benefits for students
  • Offering input on specific aspects of the program, upon request
  • Organizing, attending, helping publicize, and involving other honors students in HSC socials, service activities, and all Honors Program events, including monthly faculty-student socials and Food for Thought programs
  • Nominating an an Honors Outstanding Professor of the Year for the annual Last Lecture and encouraging other honors students to submit nominations
  • Representing Honors at various events throughout the year, including Day on the Quad, Major Fair, Scholars Day, and recruiting open houses
  • Acting as ambassadors for the USU Honors Program at all times

photo of Jack

Jack Baldwin

Jack is a research and writing assistant in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. His research is focused on financial crime and leadership development for high school students.

photo of Jessica

Jessica Christensen

Jessica is majoring in Animal and Dairy Science and minoring in Asian Studies. She is also an Undergraduate Research Fellow and is currently doing research on Robotic Dairy Milkers.

photo of Daniel

Daniel Griffin

Daniel researches mathematical models of schizophrenia in Dr. Catalin Buhusi's lab. He is completing degrees in Psychology and Computational Mathematics and plans on pursuing a Ph.D. after graduation.

Erica photo

Erica Hawvermale

Erica is majoring in Cultural Anthropology with double minors in Music and Public Health. She works in both the Collaborative Anthropological Research lab and the Families in Sport lab.

photo of Melissa

Melissa Ivie

Melissa is double majoring in Computer Science and Marketing. Her dream is to design and market her own software products.

Tina photo

Kristina Krepinski

Tina is a senior from Parker, Colorado, majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Human Biology. She hopes to attend medical school after finishing her Bachelor's degree.

photo of Emily

Emily Turner

Emily is a junior studying International Business, Economics, and Political Science with a minor in Chinese. She is involved with the Society for International Business and Economic Development, the USU Chinese Club, and the LDS Student Assosciation.