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Ask a Current Honors Student

Do you have a question about the University Honors Program? We have students in each college who are eager to offer their perspectives to prospective or current honors students. Please feel free to send them a message!

Caine College of the Arts 

jaydonJaydon Carling


Jaydon is a junior majoring in Theatre Design and Technology with an emphasis in lighting design. He has also completed a minor in Computer Science and plans on using the skills from both disciplines to create more affordable theatre products for community and educational theatre markets. 


College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

jessJessica Christensen


Jessica is a senior in the department of Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences, majoring in Animal and Dairy Science and minoring in Asian Studies. Shortly after graduating from Logan High School, Jessica served an LDS mission to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Spending time in the rural rice paddies rekindled her love for agriculture and rural lifestyles. She is currently conducting undergraduate research and writing her honors capstone project on dairy automatic milking systems. She will graduate with honors from USU in Fall 2018, and after graduation, she intends to pursue a Ph.D. at USU in ruminant nutrition. When she’s not doing schoolwork or research, she enjoys reading a good book, going on adventures    with her family, riding horses, and playing with her dog, Tiberius. 

McKenna picMcKenna Walters


McKenna is working toward a degree with a dual-emphasis in Bioveterinary Sciences and Biotechnology, with a minor in Animal and Dairy Sciences. She currently volunteers in a research lab studying reproductive physiology in mice. She loves spending time on her family's cattle ranch; agriculture is her passion, and she's proud to be an Aggie!


College of Engineering

Tess A picture Tess Armbrust


Tess is a senior majoring in Biological Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. She works in Dr. Benninghoff's research lab studying the effect of various dietary interventions in a mouse model of inflammation-associated colon cancer. She is currently working on developing a spider-silk-coated catheter with her engineering senior design team.


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

morganMorgan Sanford


Morgan is a senior studying English and Spanish Teaching. She is an Undergraduate Research Fellow and is currently researching the role of letters in Thomas Hardy's novels. She loves to read, but in her spare time, Morgan also loves watching movies, writing music, and running. 


Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Julia P Picture
Juliana Plucinik


Juliana is a nontraditional student entering her junior year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Organizational Communication. She is passionate about traveling, research, and participating in community events. Currently, Juliana is working in Dr. Karl White's National Center of Hearing Assessment and Management department and the Sound Beginnings program. She also volunteers in Dr. Travis Dorsch's Family in Sports Lab and Dr. Renee Galliher's Psychological Statistics tutoring program. She loves her decision to attend Utah State University!

College of Science 

fionaFiona Van Leeuwen


Fiona is double-majoring in Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. Her current research is in a material science
lab working with optics. She is also an Undergraduate Research Fellow Ambassador and a member of the Aggie Marching Band. She is excited to make a difference in her Honors Aggie community this year.   


Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

jackieJackie Sullivan


Jackie is a senior studying Economics with minors in Statistics and Chemistry. She is currently doing research on affirmative-action policies and ethical development in students, and she plans to attend graduate school after graduation from USU with honors.   


S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

ryleeRylee Jensen


Rylee is a junior majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Management, with a minor in Biology. She is currently working on getting her research on killer whale behavior published and is involved with Dr. MacNulty's Animal Ecology Lab, where she is looking at aspen growth trends in Yellowstone National Park. She also works in the Fish Ecology Lab and in the Writing Center as a tutor. She
loves all that USU has to offer!