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Transcript Designations

There are many transcript designations available to Honors students based on their interests:

University Honors

Every student who successfully completes the University Honors Program requirements will receive this designation.

Undergraduate Research 

Students must 1) complete a minimum of 2 semesters of undergraduate research, scholarship, or creative activity supervised by a faculty member, 2) present their work through a recognized venue (Student Research Symposium, UCUR, NCUR, a professional conference in the field of study, etc.), and 3) have the endorsement of a faculty member.

Service-Learning Scholar

Students must complete 1) 400 hours of community service, 2) 9 credits/points of Practical Application course or contract work that involves community service, and 3) a capstone project that develops and implements a sustainable service project addressing a community defined need.

Global Engagement Scholar

This transcript designation requires 1) foreign language competence (two years of coursework or equivalent competency testing), 2) study/internship abroad, 3) a returning traveler presentation, and 4) an Honors capstone/thesis that demonstrates substantial engagement with global issues in the student’s discipline.

Designations 8.3.15