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Third Year2nd year 8.3.2015

If the first two years in the Honors Program allow students to ask big academic questions and to join a scholarly community on campus, junior year allows them to discover practical applications for the skills learned in their majors.  Attending co-curricular activities takes on new meaning as students declare majors: they now represent their respective disciplines at interdisciplinary events.  Transfer students and new applicants may join the program as juniors and still graduate with Honors, providing they complete all junior- and senior-year requirements.  The Honors Program offers juniors three main ways to apply their knowledge to real world problems: the Honors Think Tank collaborative seminars (3 credits/points each, see Second Year), contracted projects between students and faculty mentors, and study abroad or internship credits.  Each contract (3 points) is for a minimum 20 hours of academic work outside class, and this work can include research with professors, internships not taken for course credit, grant writing, scholarly presentations, or service projects.  Students who choose to complete an internship or study abroad for academic credit may use up to 6 credits/points of their experience toward Honors.  Students must earn a minimum of 9 practical application Honors points, combining the above options in any way they choose.