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Second YearThird Year 8.4.15

During sophomore year, students may continue to take Introductory Honors seminars for additional USU Breadth credit.  Beginning in Spring 2016, they may also enroll in a Think Tank collaborative seminar that satisfies one of USU’s General Education Depth requirements.  These courses unite scholars and community leaders in seeking creative solutions to specific local problems.  Honors will offer three sections of the Think Tank annually—one in each depth area  (Humanities and Arts, Life and Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences)—and each section will approach the same problem (always focused on Cache Valley, but changing every year) from a different disciplinary angle.  The sections will be taught at the same time so that faculty across disciplines can coordinate field trips, hold larger group discussions,  or even teach one another’s sections.  Topics might range from understanding and creating sustainable agriculture in Cache Valley to devising physical and aesthetic improvements in area senior centers to forging links between the arts and sciences in local elementary schools.  Sophomores continue to attend at least three co-curricular activities per year and enjoy special Honors opportunities to interact with faculty and visitors on campus.