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Honors Scholarship Application

Students may apply for all honors scholarships (including the Douglas D. Alder leadership scholarship, the Elaine Alder service scholarship, the Helen B. and Lawrence O. Cannon capstone scholarships, the Morse scholarship, the USU Lillywhite scholarship, and the Honors "Dare to Know" Book Awards) by completing the following form and uploading as one file a resume and detailed letter to the selection committee. Please apply only once; applicants will be considered for all relevant honors scholarships and awards. Please see the honors scholarship page for more detailed scholarship information and requirements.

All applications must include the following materials:

1. EXTRACURRICULAR RESUME (1-2 pages): Students MUST format resumes as indicated in our example. Please foreground any honors and awards, and focus on college (not high school) activities, with an emphasis on research and creative work, leadership, community engagement, and activity in and with the Honors Program. Work experience is also relevant.

2. LETTER OF APPLICATION (1500-word minimum)The letter is crucial to your application and should include capstone plans (for students at that stage) or other upcoming research plans (for others) and future goals. The letter should also highlight and describe in more detail key achievements from the resume, particularly any achievements related to work in Honors. Students should articulate why they are applying for honors scholarships and what qualifies them to represent the Honors Program as a scholarship winner. If they are engaged in service, have particular financial need, or are planning to apply (or have applied) for a national scholarship or fellowship (qualifications for some of the awards), they should include this information in the letter. 

3. FACULTY LETTER OF SUPPORTIn addition to the application form (below) and the materials listed above, students must secure a letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor or teacher with whom the student has worked. Most of our scholarships require support from a professor with whom the student has completed research or worked extensively (ideally within the major); book awards, which can be won as early as first year, require support from a professor with whom the student has taken a course (ideally an honors course). Please confirm that the faculty mentor has sent the letter to the Honors Program at 0400 Old Main Hill or

Applications for the 2019 Honors Program scholarships are due by February 1, 2019.

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