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Fourth Year4th year 8.3.15

Senior Honors students must complete capstone or thesis projects in their majors.  These projects vary according to discipline, but all involve focused research or creative work in the major and yield a final product with professional and intellectual value for the student.  These products may take many forms, including a traditional thesis; a single- or co-authored paper based on sustained research; a performance, fieldwork experience, or exhibition with thoughtful process analysis; or a detailed professional portfolio that goes well beyond the normal requirements of the major.  Seniors have the opportunity to join interdisciplinary discussion groups exclusively for senior thesis/capstone writers and to share their work with other interested Honors students, alumni, and faculty.  As the most experienced members of the Honors intellectual community, seniors also take on leadership roles in Honors Student Council, the Honors Advisory Board, and clubs and organizations within their departments and colleges.  Their attendance at co-curricular activities by senior year should be driven, at least in part, by their involvement in shaping those activities for the campus community as a whole.