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Faculty Honors Advisors by Department

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Animal, Dairy, & Veterinary Sciences: Dr. Lee Rickords (797-2154 or lee.rickords@usu.edu)
Applied Sciences, Technology, & Education: Dr. Michael Pate (797-3508 or michael.pate@usu.edu)
Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning: Dr. Ole Sleipness (797-0510 or ole.sleipness@usu.edu)
Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science: Dr. Heidi Wengreen (797-1806 or heidi.wengreen@usu.edu)
Plants, Soils, & Climate: Dr. Jeanette Norton (797-2166 or jeanette.norton@usu.edu)

Caine College of the Arts

Art, Art History, Interior Design: Dr. Sarah Urquhart (797-3348 or sarah.urquhart@usu.edu)
Music, Music Education, Music Therapy: Dr. Sergio Bernal (797-0487 or sergio.bernal@usu.edu)
Theatre Arts: Dr. Matt Omasta (797-3103 or matt.omasta@usu.edu)

John M Huntsman School of Business

School of Business: Dr. Shannon Peterson (797-3966 or shannon.peterson@usu.edu)

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education: Dr. Sonia Manuel-Dupont (797-1340 or sonia.manuel-dupont@usu.edu)
Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education: Dr. Scott Hunsaker (797-0386 or scott.hunsaker@usu.edu)
Family, Consumer, & Human Development: Dr. Yoon Lee (797-1555 or yoon.lee@usu.edu)
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation: Dr. Eadric Bressel (797-7216, or eadric.bressel@usu.edu)
Psychology: Dr. Scott Bates (797-2975 or scott.bates@usu.edu)
Special Education and Rehabilitation: Dr. Barbara Fiechtl (797-3258 or barbara.fiechtl@usu.edu)

College of Humanities and Social Science

Aerospace Studies: Alex Dubovik (797-8725 or alex.dubovik@usu.edu)
Anthropology: Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin (797-4064 or bonnie.glasscoffin@usu.edu)
English: Dr. John McLaughlin (797-2738 or nuwitaivottsi@yahoo.com)
History/ Religious Studies: Dr. Sue Shapiro (797-2091 or susan.a.shapiro@usu.edu)
International Studies, Law and Constitutional Studies, Political Science: Dr. Veronica Ward (797-1319 or veronica.ward@usu.edu)
Journalism and Communication: Dr. Cathy Bullock (797-1412 or cathy.bullock@usu.edu)
Languages: Dr. Sarah Gordon (797-8213 or sarah.gordon@usu.edu)
Philosophy: Dr. Charles Huenemann (797-0254 or charlie.huenemann@usu.edu)
Communication Studies: Dr. Matt Sanders (797-8409 or matt.sanders@usu.edu)
Sociology: Dr. Christy Glass (797-1258 or christy.glass@usu.edu)
Social Work: Dr. Terry Peak (797-4080 or terry.peak@usu.edu)
Women and Gender Studies: Stephanie Bagnell (797-3703 or stephanie.bagnell@usu.edu)

College of Engineering

College of Engineering: Dr. Dean Adams (797-9114 or dean.adams@usu.edu)

SJ & Jessie E Quinney College of Natural Resources

NR Honors Coordinator: Dr. Geno Schupp (797-2475 or eugene.schupp@usu.edu)
Environment and Society: Dr. Nat Frazer (797-0523 or nat.frazer@usu.edu)
Watershed Sciences: Dr. Wayne Wurtsbaugh (797-2584 or wayne.wurtsbaugh@usu.edu)
Wildland Resources: Dr. David Koons (797-8670 or david.koons@usu.edu)

College of Science

Biochemistry & Chemistry: Dr. Alvan Hengge (797-3442 or alvan.hengge@usu.edu)
Biology & Public Health: Dr. Kim Sullivan (797-3713 or yejunco@biology.usu.edu)
Geology: Dr. Jim Evans (797-1267 or james.evans@usu.edu)
Math & Stats: Dr. David Brown (797-3224 or david.e.brown@usu.edu)
Physics: Dr. David Peak (797-2884 or david.peak@usu.edu)