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HSC Application

Are you an Honors student in good standing and on track to graduate with Departmental Honors? Then you are eligible to apply for the Honors Student Council! Applications are due by March 6, 2015 .

Positions of the Honors Student Council:


The President coordinates the council and represents the University Honors Program in campus forums; plans and chairs Honors Student Council meetings; is involved in all program planning; acts as liaison between the Honors Program and its students; appoints committees as necessary for the functioning of the HSC.

Executive Vice President

The HSC Executive VP facilitates communication among members of the Council and between the Council and Honors Program Administration. He or she prepares meeting agendas and keeps meeting minutes. The VP also assists the President in his or her duties, as necessary.

Service Chair & Committee

This chair and committee plan student involvement in annual Honors service events, including food drives, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, or any other service-learning projects chosen by the HSC and Honors student body.

First-Year Experience and Retention Chair & Committee

This chair and committee organize the opening first-year social held the Saturday of Connections week. They also consult regularly with first-year student representatives to make sure that their needs are met and represented. The committee hosts activities such as a registration party, and its members act as mentors to the incoming class.

Council Members

Council Members attend HSC meetings and assist the HSC President and Executive VP in program planning and implementation. First-year students are eligible to apply for Council Member positions. Council Members will serve as chairs for various committees created by the President.

Responsibilities for all Honors Student Council members:

• Nominate an eligible professor for the annual Last Lecture and encourage other Honors students to submit nominations;
• Act as an ambassador for the University Honors Program at all times;
• Meet monthly throughout the year with Honors office staff. These meetings are brief and designed to discuss aspects of the University Honors Program. From time to time, the Honors Program will ask Honors Student Council members for input on specific components of the program;
• Represent Honors at various events throughout the year, including Day on the Quad, Major Fair, and Scholars Day, and various Open Houses;
• Organize, participate in, and recruit other Honors students to participate in Honors socials and service events. Publicize Honors events, including monthly socials.



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