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Thesis/Capstone Completion Timeline


• Begin thinking about your thesis or capstone project topic no later than 4 semesters before you graduate – write a 150-200 word paragraph that describes the key questions, tasks, and final product for the project.

• Begin discussions with possible mentors (showing them your written project idea) and get someone to agree to serve as mentor by the end of this semester. You should ideally select a mentor who knows your work from other Honors projects or classes in your major and who is knowledgeable about your topic.  It is often useful to begin this process by meeting with your departmental Honors advisor.

• Begin thinking about other faculty members who could serve on your committee, and discuss these options (and committee size requirements) with your departmental Honors advisor.


• FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL GRADUATE IN SPRING 2016 OR LATER: Enroll in a one-credit Honors 3900- Honors Thesis/ Capstone Proposal Course. Honors 3900 is an independent study with your proposed mentor; the final product of the course is a completed Formal Thesis/Capstone Proposal.  You must submit your Formal Thesis/Capstone Proposal to the Honors office by the end of the semester. Since Honors 3900 is a prerequisite for the thesis course (Honors 4900 or department equivalent),.you will not get a grade for HONR 3900 OR be able to register for thesis credits until the proposal is submitted and approved.

• FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL GRADUATE IN SPRING 2015: Work on completing a Formal Thesis/Capstone Proposal form – due SEPTEMBER 15, 2014.

• FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL GRADUATE IN FALL 2015: Work on completing a Formal Thesis/Capstone Proposal form – due FEBRUARY 15, 2015.

• Finalize your committee, and set up a meeting with your thesis/capstone mentor and committee members to establish a clear timeline for drafts and your defense.


• Begin work on your thesis/capstone project no later than 2 semesters before you graduate.

• Schedule an appointment with Amber Summers-Graham to complete your Honors Graduation Audit prior to the end of the third week of classes. This will ensure that you have earned enough Honors credits to graduate with Honors the following semester.


• Submit drafts to your advisor and committee according to your established timeline – remember that your thesis will go through multiple drafts, so you must take your timeline seriously and follow it closely.

• Schedule your defense.  Your defense should be scheduled at least 1 month prior to your graduation.

• Provide your entire committee with a final draft of your work at least two weeks before your defense/due date.

• FOR SPRING GRADUATES: Submit application to Student Showcase. All Honors Spring graduates are expected to participate in Student Showcase during Research Week. Abstracts are generally due in late February or early March.

• FOR FALL GRADUATES: You are still required to present your thesis or capstone in a public setting; Honors provides opportunities for such presentations, so please talk to us about the possibilities.

• Completed thesis/capstone project is due to the Honors office no later than November 10 for Fall graduates and April 1 for Spring graduatess. When you turn in your completed thesis/capstone please also include Thesis Evaluation FormDepartmental Honors and University Studies Cover page OR Departmental Honors Cover pageHonors Electronic Thesis Approval Form

• Attend Honors Graduation Celebration